History of Hobson City

hobsonCityHistoryHobson City was established on August 16, 1899 and is the oldest incorporated African American Cities in the State of Alabama and the third oldest incorporated African American city in the United States in.   There are less than 25 remaining African American cities in the United States.

The area we now know as Hobson City was first known as Mooree Quarter, and was a part of Oxford, Alabama until the late 1890’s.  At that time Blacks were permitted to vote in city and county elections.  Their vote usually was a controlling factor during elections; they soon became isolated from the City of Oxford.

One of the early settlers of the community gave the following account of how Mooree’s quarters were cut from Oxford.

Once a Black man was elected Justice of the Peace in Oxford, this caused some confusion.  One mayor in his campaign promised if he were elected that would stop Blacks from participating in city elections.  After his election, he went to the State Capitol and had the corporate boundaries of Oxford redrawn, leaving the black settlement (now Hobson City) in the county. This isolated settlement remained under the county system of government for approximately three years.

On July 20, 1899 approximately 125 Blacks, dwelling in the Mooree Quarters area decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands.  Their self-respect and determination lead to the filling of a petition with the Calhoun County Probate Judge, E. F. Cook, to become a separate and district municipality on July 20, 1899.  After proper legal proceedings, the Town became incorporated August 16, 1899.



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